Will work for Playmobil

Max: (apropos of nothing) So, um, when do you think I should get a job?

Me: Oh, well, why do you need a job?

Max: You know, to make money.

Me: I think most states have laws that say you can’t work until your sixteen. But, maybe you can do some jobs for me around the house. Like, cleaning or dusting…

Max: Yeah, or mowing the lawn.

Me: OK, well, maybe we can start giving you an allowance.

Max: Well, I need money now.

Me: Um, what do you need the money for?

Max: I have my eye on a playmobil set.

Me: Well, how much money were you looking to make?

Max: Oh, hundreds.

Me: Of dollars??

Max: Yeah! Come on, this playmobil set is expensive!


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