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It’s Curtains for You, Pal!

For some reason, Max has developed an affinity for playing around in the living room curtains – touching them, stroking them, rolling himself up into them, and hiding behind them. This usually happens right around the time when he is supposed to be eating his dinner, oddly enough. Instead of eating his food, I find tugging on the curtains of the window right behind his chair.

I’ve reprimanded him many times about it. “Dude, stop playing with the curtains and finish your dinner!” And, although he immediately stops the curtain horseplay, several minutes later, I will turn around and see him at it again – almost absentmindedly.

Finally, the hook holding the curtain came off from his constant tugging and I got mad. “Look, I have asked you ten million times to stop playing with the curtains. What is it going to take to get you to actually stop? Huh? How about no dessert?”

He immediately apologized again. “I’ll stop, I’ll stop.”

Yet, lo and behold, it wasn’t five minutes later that I saw him doing it again! As I was talking to him, he got up and wrapped the curtain around himself like a murder victim in a carpet.

“Max!” I shrieked, half out of worry for what the hell could be so addictive about curtains to my son. “I think you need a 12 step program for this!”

“I’m sorry!” Max yelled back. “I just can’t help it!”

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A Civil War By Any Other Name…

Max: And, we are learning about the Silver War.

Me: The Silver War? I don’t think I know that one…

Max: You know – the one that was fought over Abraham Lincoln.

Me: Oh right, that one.

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