Don’t Scratch That

Max: MOM! Can you come here??

Me: Hey, what’s the matter?

Max: Well, I sort of have this red bump on my leg.

Me: (after examining it carefully) Well, it could be a bug bite, or just some kind of irritation. I’ll put some cream on it…

Max: Well, the thing is that there is this kind of bug that I heard about, that sort of bites you and then it sort of crawls inside you and starts eating your flesh from the inside out.

Me: (desperately trying to control laughter) And, so do you think that is what bit you? A flesh eating bug?

Max: Well, I’m thinking it could be.

Me: But, that sounds pretty painful, being eaten from the inside out, right? You don’t feel that kind of pain right now, do you?

Max: Well, I am feeling some kind of veins popping out of my leg right now…

Me: OK, let me get a stronger cream….


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