Sibling Study Shows Increase in Parent Aggravation


Future studies will show the primary difficulty which arises from having more than one child is that despite best efforts to raise them consistently and equally, children stubbornly refuse to behave in an identical way to their siblings.  The audacity of children to develop their own divergent personalities can lead only to a relentlessly frustrating cycle of inconvenience and anguish for parents, taking years (approximately 18-21) from which to recover.

Seemingly from the first day of birth, children find various and provoking ways to conduct themselves differently from their older counterparts. Whether it’s the number of hours they choose to sleep or their staunch rejection of logically proposed feeding schedules, these infants make it clear to their parents that any presumptions or pre-planning regarding behaviors are futile.   These willful and inflexible newborns force their caretakers into a precarious state of trial and error, causing extreme fatigue and related physical and emotional symptoms.

Conditions tend to worsen rather than improve with age, as most children will continue to exhibit strong inclinations for acting contrary from previously established norms, forcing parents to reevaluate and sometimes even alter disciplinary strategies that were effective for other youngsters only months earlier. Key preferences that could easily remain constant, such as favorite foods, style of dress and after-school activities become complicated and convoluted when challenged and disputed by children with differing opinions, creating chaotic schedules, an increase in necessary shopping mall expeditions and longer grocery store wait times.

Future studies will prove the hypothesis that such personality variations in young siblings are surely deliberate methods to frustrate and aggravate adults.  Other studies may show a correlation between these behavior differences and historical, vague threats on the part of grandparents, designed to doom their adult offspring to a lifetime of misery; retribution for causing similar agony during their own childhoods. 

Other than regret, parents have little recourse after confirming such disparity in their own households. Conventional behavior modification techniques including screaming, crying or begging may offer temporary relief, but will not solve the root issue. Long-term analysis is needed to determine permanent solutions, but until then, naps and Chardonnay are recommended.


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