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E=MC Times Squared?

6yo: I’m Albert Einstein!! I’m the guy who invented Times Square!!



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Memory Lapse

Me: What did your brother say that was so funny this morning??

10YO: Rachael, you really need to learn to write these down right away.

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No Idea

Reuben: Mom, when is Gary coming to visit?

Me: I have no idea.  Probably late afternoon.

Reuben: So.. you do have an idea.

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Good Hair.

Max: What’s going on with your hair?

Me: You don’t like it?

Max: Well, not really.

Me: What are you, a hairstylist now?

Max: I know good hair. I mean, look at mine.

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Max (age nine): So, we had a pre-test in grammar today. Man, I didn’t know half of what they were asking us! One of the questions was ‘what word should you use to get two other words together?’ I had no idea, so I wrote ‘sex.’

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What are you waiting for?

Me: Why aren’t you eating?? What are you waiting for? For me to get mad and yell?

Max: I’m waiting for Christmas!

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